Overview of Southeastern Michigan Region Red Cross

29Southeastern Michigan Region Red Cross assumes a basic part in our country’s social insurance framework. It can be the biggest supplier of the blood items and blood in the USA, gathering and handling around 40 % of the supply of blood and circulating it to around 2,600 doctor’s facilities and transfusion focuses across the country.

The Michigan Region Red Cross additionally assumes the main part in securing the wellbeing of benefactors and patients as well as expanding the accessibility of blood. Actually, it is assessed as the first one to create and execute testing for irresistible ailments and is as often as possible the single significant patron to trials to enhance blood security.

Giving life-sparing blood along with blood items to patients can be a key part of the Southeastern Michigan Region Red Cross objectives to individuals regarding the crisis and debacles.

  • Dedicated History to the USA

Amid World War 2, the USA swung to the Michigan Red Cross in order to build up the supply of blood on the gigantic scale. This prompted the foundation of the Southeastern Michigan, which gathered 13 million blood pints of plasma for the usage of our military.

After that, the Southeastern Michigan Region Red Cross presented the main across the country nonmilitary personnel blood program. Every year, the Michigan Red Cross gathers around 5 million blood units from about 3 million benefactors across the country and conveys more than 7 million items of blood for transfusion.

  • Led of Testing and Researching

Notwithstanding being the biggest blood supplier of America, the Southeastern Michigan Region Red Cross can be a pioneer in the examination as well as testing to ensure the security of the supply of blood. The Southeastern Michigan Region Red Cross is the first one to create and actualize testing for some irresistible ailments including, hepatitis B, HIV, and hepatitis C infections, West Nile infection, and all the more as of late the specialist of illness.

The Southeastern Michigan Region Red Cross likewise works across the country system to analyze contributor and patient antagonistic responses. Information from the project is utilized to improve blood item quality and security. Red Cross specialists assume a vital part in arrangements and norms for the business.

By serving the councils of AABB and some blood associations – and working intimately with the America. The Southeastern Michigan Red Cross gives profitable information and ability that impacts the blood heading keeping money industry.

  • Kept to Maintain the Adequate Supply of Blood

The Southeastern Michigan Red Cross always attempts to build the accessibility of blood items. This incorporates instructing potential contributors about sound propensities that will lessen deferrals, for example, for the low iron, enhancing the yield coming from platelet benefactors and utilizing compartments.

It will expand the time which blood is securely delivered. Expanding assorted blood given enlistment is basic to the eventual fate of our Nation’s blood supply. Hence, the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross can execute activities all through the nation to expand the quantity of blood contributors in different groups and bring issues to the light of the blood need.

The Southeastern Michigan Red Cross likewise attempts to discover uncommon blood givers to satisfy the specific needs of their patients everywhere throughout the nation. It also offers to back to doctor’s facilities the nation over, and its joint effort with AABB, the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross guarantees that patients can get their required blood whenever of the night or day.

The Southeastern Michigan Red Cross can be driven by the administrator of the CEO, the president as well as the board. The director of the leading group of the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross was named by the USA President. The executive leads the leading group of all governors in its administration as well as oversight of its association.

The CEO and president of the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross were named by the Governor Board. The CEO and the president execute the Red Cross techniques and leads its business and operations exercises of the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross.

  • Administrator of the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross

+ Ms. Bonnie Hunter

She was designated as director of the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross and is the previous U.S. minister to Finland in 2003. She was also the proprietor and CEO of the Pace Communications Company, the biggest private custom distributed organization in the USA.

+ Ms. Gail McGovern

She is the CEO and President of the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross and held top administration positions at the AT&T Corporation along with Fidelity Investments. Previously, she was a teacher at the Harvard School.

For CEOs and initiative of the neighborhood of the Southeastern Michigan Red Cross, please pick up a blood district. Then, go to its Leadership area of the local data.

The Reason You Should Use the Broken Leg Scooter if Getting Leg Problems

It is true that no one wants an accident suddenly occurred to her feet. However there are things you just cannot be avoided if the accident could happen. It may be small problems in moving, or it can issue a little more serious. Most people are looking for a roken leg scooter or a certain supporting tool for their feet such as the crutch.

Today we will talk about the leg scooter – one item being most attention to people who have trouble moving with the legs, by the objective reasons such as accidents, disease or subjective turn off. If you or your lovers were experiencing some difficulties when moving, or leg pain when moving, I think this will be a perfect solution for your case and your loved ones.

So the reason we use the broken leg scooter? Let’s track the following reasons.

1. It Is Safer Than You Use Crutches

Previously we still have the habit of using crutches when having problems during the move. Crutches seem indispensable material to help you stand up for themselves more. But for many, it will be quite difficult when you are weak, not strong enough to stand, then the broken leg scooter is a great alternative instrument. You will be able to comfortably control it as a vehicle for people with foot pain.
If you will have to use crutches as a result of arm pain, and fatigue on the body part by trying too much to help the body to stand and move. With a broken leg is totally different scooter, when you use a location you’ll be sure to give his sore legs and move with the wheel which, thanks to the control of arms. You will not need to try to lift the body up, instead of walking with ease and comfort, though your feet hurt.

2. You Move Faster

Foot sore and leg injury often interfere with the ability of our movement. Any person who in this case will feel uncomfortable when you cannot move back comfortably and quickly as usual, especially when you use crutches. It’s difficult for you to move out from the bedroom to the bathroom or you want to walk out for the spirit and the body to reduce stress.

However with broken leg scooter, which will help you improve your speed. They are designed for people with foot pain minimize strenuous, difficult to move and there are wheels to help you go faster. This is also great for active people, they will reduce the feeling of pressure, bondage, when to stay indoors often, and could not do anything.

3. Supporting Effective for Diabetics

People with diabetes or gout often have difficulty moving, especially at a time of serious illness. Leg pain that make you cannot comfortably and have limited mobility. However, with the broken leg scooter, people with diseases such as diabetic foot ulcers will be support for the move becomes easier. Also, when moving the scooter leg, leg pain will be raised above, this is very good for the treatment of diabetes and gout.
4. Convenient to Shopping
If you feel your foot pain become useless and you cannot do anything outside sitting somewhere, you were wrong. You can still go a comfortably walk, or go shopping with broken leg scooter. It has a basket on front of the scooter that you can put a few items bought from stores and helps you without bag in his hand.
You see, the broken leg widgets scooter is a truly effective support. If you are considering moving widgets support, I think you should suggest it to someone who needs to make sure that they find it suitable.

Things to Note When Using Medical Supplies at Home

The medical supplies at home helps users monitor and control your health better when it can know the health status of themselves without always having to go to the hospital. What kind of medical supplies at home are favored at present is the sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, gas sauna, massage belt machine, … with rich variety on the market. But the discretion to purchase and use the medical device family also caused significant bad results if you do not use properly. In this article, we will some a couple of helpful things.

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Benefit of the Mobility Aids

We don’t avoid old age and when you are old, your body gets aging. The body is lack of energy for many actions like young people. When you are young, you can walk faster, eat better, be stronger and be easy to movement. You can be active to do everything you want. You are able to jump, dance, dive, run….it is really vitality and powerful.

However when we get aging, we feel tired and don’t get energy to move. Your movement becomes difficult or you must go to the hospital and receive the doctor’s advices to solve your problem and that support to your spirit and material.

The mobility aids are really necessary of elders, moreover they are also indispensable tools for many people who have bone and joint diseases. They limited movement ability and need the aids form the tools like the mobility aids. Continue reading “Benefit of the Mobility Aids”

Tips to relieve Stress with Oil Diffusers

Tips to relieve Stress with Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy can be an effortless, beautiful solution to sense excellent although increasing the health. This kind of choice training plays a part in wellbeing with the use of our own instinctive perception regarding scent. The best essential oil diffuser reviews making use of great smelling crops to be able to cure will be practically nothing fresh. The strategy regarding taking out the particular oil coming from crops has been identified in the past at the center Age groups. In reality, there is certainly proof therapeutic botanical oils found in old China, Of India, and also Egypt. Clearly, aromatherapy just isn’t any transferring novelty.

best essential oil diffuser reviews
best essential oil diffuser reviews

What do you mean by Aromatherapy:

Essential oils will be the fragrant water taken out from your plants, results in, many fruits, and also grasses regarding specific crops?Also, timber can easily generate helpful oils. The particular natural chemical compounds that provide crops their particular heart and soul, or perhaps aroma, are usually taken out by means of heavy steam or perhaps demanding. This kind of brings about targeted oils, which usually kind the cornerstone regarding aromatherapy. The employment essential oils to guide and also equilibrium your head, physique, and also character. This kind of takes place simply by both inhaling and exhaling the particular aroma or perhaps implementing the particular oil for the skin. When working with around the skin, essential oil needs to become blended with provider oil, for instance, almond oil, jojoba, or perhaps grape seed starting oil.

Tips to relieve Stress:

  • Our body loves a robust perception regarding scent. Any time inhaled, a great scent tends to make the solution to the particular area of the human brain in which handles moods, recollections, as well as the ability to master.
  • Peppermint and also eucalyptus oils activate your head. Orange and also rosemary refresh any worn out physique.
  • Chamomile and also lavender advertise leisure and also relieve the particular character.
  • Aromatherapy is regarded as any supporting treatments which are employed together with standard treatments. As an example, cancer malignancy individuals may well acquire aromatherapy since supporting attention although obtaining standard hospital treatment.
  • Aromatherapy just isn’t a cure. Somewhat, it’s really a way of bettering the grade of living simply by lowering panic and anxiety.
  • It is possible to take pleasure in the emotional, actual, and also mental great things about essential oils aromatherapy inside the ease and comfort of your personal residence.
  • It really is really easy to add aromatherapy in your lifetime. All you have to certainly are a handful of natural, essential oils plus a diffuser.
  • For your best soul-soothing knowledge, fall apart with a calm, secure area and also loosen up inside the satisfaction of your personal private aromatherapy treatment!
  • Aromatherapy, an alternate cure in which styles use of the oils to boost someone’s health or perhaps disposition, can be an age group outdated training.
  • Although aromatherapy will be usually for this aroma regarding specific essential oils and also their particular healing attributes, the definition of aromatherapy is truly a simple appearance that will reference some of the different practices in which employ essential oils regarding therapeutic functions.
  • Essential oils are usually produced from crops, often referred to as savory herbal remedies or perhaps savory crops.
  • Essential oils are usually referred to as thus since they bring an exceptional aroma or perhaps heart and soul of your distinct place.
  • Aromatherapy can be an old therapeutic training that is useful for well over 6000 decades. Numerous civilizations, like the Greeks, Romans and also old Egyptians employed essential oils and also aromatherapy.
  • This individual right away observed the soreness lowered drastically plus a faster, a smaller amount agonizing therapeutic moment without scarring damage.
  • Aromatherapy has been furthermore found in Planet Conflict II to take care of troopers which acquired gangrene.
  • Essential oils are usually described 188 instances inside the Somebody. Oils have been useful for anointing also to cure the particular unwell.
  • A number of the very popular oils have been frankincense, myrrh, rosemary hyssop and also spikenard.
  • In reality, it absolutely was frankincense and also myrrh the smart guys delivered since items for the child.

The particular fine art regarding aromatherapy has changed into a research over time. You can find specific blends of varied essential oils in which blend to bring a wanted therapeutic result. These kinds of combines may be placed on the particular skin, found in any diffuser or perhaps sprayed into the oxygen and inhaled. Oil diffuser is a perfect healing for stress for both men and women.


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machines Helps Improve the Health of Sick People

Artificial ventilation is not intrusive methods of ventilation for patients without placing the inner pipe the trachea or open the trachea. Formerly people often use artificial lung or other similar system to ventilate the patient with negative pressure. In recent years, artificial ventilation methods do not penetrate the increasingly positive pressure is widely used for patients with acute respiratory distress and to breathe air for patients to breathe your last long did bring the results very satisfactory.  If you want to CPAP machine review to have the know somethings such as the CPAP pillow for the baby, you can find the informations on any reputed website.
  • Selection Masks

Continuous positive airway pressure is the gold standard for the treatment of people who suffer from sleep apnea in moderate to severe levels. The information below will demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of using air pressure breathing Ocean CPAP at home. CPAP machines work on the principle of creating a stream of air to keep the Airways open during sleep over. There are many different machines and the modern machines are small, convenient and easy to use. The stream of air is pushed through a tube through a face mask on the back of the throat.
+ Nose mask: this is the most common type of mask. It is placed on the nose and fixed thanks to a strap around the head. However it is not suitable in case you have problems breathing when the nasal (e.g. you were allergic rhinitis)
+ Nose mask mouth: useful for those who breathe by mouth or breath regularly alternate between the nose and mouth.
+ Nasal mask cushion and pillows right arrow: The mask is mounted into the nostril, is a useful alternative for different mask types, especially for those who feel overwhelmed with the mouth nose mask and mask not found suitable for them.
  • Preserving CPAP Machine

+ Wash buffer of the mask with the mild detergent every day
+ Wash the rest of the mask at least every 2 days
+ Rinse the catheter every 2 weeks
+ Check the filter every 2 weeks and changed as required
+ The top-mounted belt should be replaced if they start being relax
+ Mask pads need replacing when the start is damaged
  • Troubleshooting When Treated With CPAP

+ Dry mouth: increase the temperature the bedroom, laying pipes under sleeping clothes, check has been deflated or leaking gas.
+ Nasal congestion: check the leaks and consider the use of humidifier, increase the room temperature, the use of drugs against blood pulse briefly in nose, rhinitis or acute cold can make the nasal mask can not be used in a short time.
+ Skin irritation: Generally very little with modern masks and will disappear after a time, sensitive skin may need to be protected with masks and creams, if allergy occurs, it is necessary to replace a shape mask in the other.
+ Itchy eyes: Usually occur due to gas masks, eye irritation, will disappear when the patient adjust mask, in the first week, protect your eyes with the eyepatch.
+ Headache: this doesn’t happen often, but if it hurts more, should take a pain pill before going to bed.
+ No efficiency: consult with your sleep specialist may help to adjust the mask or CPAP machines to treat effectively, if there is gain weight and sleep snoring back, even though the mask is still very good, consider tuning to increase the pressure.

Facts About Why American Red Cross Plays a Vital Role in Blood Supply

29American Red Cross plays a vital role in providing social healthcare services in USA including blood supplier. In fact, There is a major need of blood in many hospitals around the country and  American Red Cross becomes the leading supplier of blood and blood products to those who are in need across USA. Here are facts about why American Red Cross is important organization in blood supplier.

The Facts About Blood Needs in USA

  • There are more than 1.68 million of people diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and the major blood donations are used for these patients’ treatments. In addition, patients from vehicle accidents are also among the people who need most bloods from blood donations and, in fact, a single car accident victim can need as many as 100 units of blood and here are facts about bloods needs in USA.
  • Every two seconds there is a patient in need of a blood transfusion, which means that blood donations require all the time.
  • There were 40.000 pints of bloods are needed every day in USA and this is a big number to know.
  • There are 4.8 million Americans who would die each year if they aren’t given saving blood transfusions. Therefore, this shows the important of availability of blood supply in saving lives.
  •  Each minute there are approximately 3 gallons of blood for the entire nation’s blood needs which means a big need for blood and blood products every day.
  •  One out of every 7 people who is taken to a hospital needs blood which means that the bank of blood in every hospital requires being always available.

Blood Supply in USA

  •  About 13.6 million of whole blood and red blood cell units were collected in the U.S each year.
  • There are about 6.8 million of people donating blood in USA each year and most of them come from American Red Cross.
  •  In fact blood isn’t a manufactured product. Therefore, generous donors become the only resourceful blood supplier and American Red Cross becomes the leading organization to hold the blood donation campaigns to collect these blood donors in many states in USA.
  •  Because type O can be used to transfuse for patients of all blood types, the demand for type O is often higher than others and often in short supply. In addition, people of all blood types can be given blood transfusions from people of blood type AB. Therefore, people with type AB plasma is also all the time in need. As a result the type O and AB are the most blood types often requested by hospitals.

American Red Cross Lifesaving Blood Donation

  • American Red Cross plays an important role in the USA health care system. In fact, it becomes the largest single supplier of blood and blood products to those who are in need in times of emergency and disasters in the United States. Moreover, the American Red Cross also plays a key role in protecting the safety of donors and patients and increasing the availability of blood.
  • Every year it collects and process approximately 40 percent of the blood supply and distributes over 7.7 million blood products for transfusion.
  • There are approximately 5.6 million blood donations are collected by American Red Cross each year.  Therefore, this becomes the major blood resource for the most of clinics and hospitals in USA.
  • There are 3.3 million generous volunteer blood donors roll up a sleeve which contributes for about half of blood donors of total nation’s blood donors from different organizations.
  • There are 8 million transfusable blood products are distributed each year. Therefore, this ensures an adequate blood supply for the hospitals around the country.
  • There are about 2,700 hospitals and transfusion centers around USA receive blood products from American Red Cross.
In conclusion, American Red Cross is a big organization that can provide numerous helpful services for those who are in need including blood supply. There were a lot of patients saved up by the support of American Red Cross through the blood and blood products supply.

Some Things You Should Know About Mobility Aids in America

About a few years ago, the countries of the world have set themselves the goal of ending poverty. After a few successful, they began to encounter a major obstacle. The consequences of the financial crisis begins to impact spending for mobility aids, causing it to slump in two years in a row. Our question is whether with lessons learned from the work to save the financial system can help for the world’s poor countries to overcome barriers. Whether we can simply print money to mobility aids? But there is an obstacle, Whether we can meet the demand for mobility aids? History has proven otherwise. In the early ‘ 70s, the Government put forward the goal to increase spending for foreign mobility aids about under 1% of national income. The number of people living on less than $ 1 a day has approximately halved. But still many things to do is delete the famine. That is why there are concerns related to funding.When it comes to aid. Not only has the value of money. It also could aid by material things such as food, tools useful in life or types of machines such as the Knee Scooter Walker, help for disabled people travelling more convenient. So, have a reliable address to buy this machine type is: Aiddaily.com-where to find the best Knee Scooter Walker.
  • Mobility Aids-The Factors That Affect the Funds?

     The mobility aids consists of financial flows, technical help, and goods is a resident of water given to residents of other countries in the form of grants or subsidized lending. mobility aids may be given to or received by the Governments, charitable organizations, funds, enterprises or individuals. Need to distinguish between the mobility aids as a loan and the loan is not mobility aids. A loan is considered in mobility aids if it has “subsidy elements” with or higher than 25 percent, which means the current price of the loan including the interest rate and term structure of at least 25 percent lower than current prices of the respective loan under market rates.
+ Official development mobility aids (ODA):
Official development mobility aids (ODA) includes government mobility aids donor countries (so called) for the low and medium income countries.
+ Official mobility aids (OA):
 Official mobility aids (OA) is providing mobility aids by donor Governments for the richer countries with higher per capita income of about $ 9000. Speak more accurately, mobility aids for those countries with per capita income (in three consecutive years) is on the threshold of “high income” of the World Bank, often called the OA.
+ Voluntary private mobility aids:
Voluntary private mobility aidsincludes grants from non-governmental organizations, religious groups, charitable organizations, funds, and other private companies.
+ Emergency and humanitarian mobility aids:
Emergency and humanitarian mobility aids, possibly associated with the reverse way of growth, because this type of mobility aids increased dramatically when decreased growth due to an economic shock.
+ Direct mobility aids to affect growth:
Direct mobility aids to affect growth (build roads, ports and power plants, or agricultural support).
  • The Factors Affecting Revenues From Mobility Aids

+ The country’s prestige on the world political arena was built by, the production capacity of the country, economic growth, international credit history and the country’s contribution to the joint activities of the community of world of good will is the first factor affecting accessibility to international mobility aids funds.
+ Political factor in politics is one of the factors that influence the ability to mobilize other sources of mobility aids. By mobility aids is one of the means to implement the political intentions of the national mobility aids. mobility aids funds will be affected by the existing relations of the Party granting mobility aids for countries receiving mobility aids by the incompatibility of political institutions, by the close ge ographical relationship.
+ Economic conditions is also one of the factors that affect the funds and the nature of the mobility aids, as the conditions under which mobility aids can be money, commodities or technology support. Besides, the general mobility aids countries all want to achieve the effects of political, economic and profitable for the goods and services in the country.
+ Effective use of mobility aids capital also affect the international mobility aids sources in the future, it should be understood that the mobility aids was part of GNP of the donor countries should be very sensitive to the social public opinion in the donor countries. The people of the countries attach importance to mobility aids the importance of both the quantity and quality of mobility aids, they are ready to support mobility aids on the condition that the mobility aids be used well.
+ Aid required to print money to buy goods, rather than to buy the property. This sounds like inflation. But there are two important factors worthy of sympathy here.
The first is by definition, printed like money will probably be spent abroad. So it is not clear how it will lead to inflation in the country conducted in money if it does not lead to the devaluation of the currencies of these countries. That doesn’t seem right for a second reason: the monetary scale is printed under this program. This is the important things for you or anyone who need to know.

How Does Southeastern Michigan Region Red Cross Help People

The Michigan Region Red Cross is located in Detroit, Southeast Michigan. It has 5 offices in different regions of Michigan, including Kalamazoo, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Traverse City and Flint. Michigan Region Red Cross is proud of providing the best services to more than 9 millions of national residents.


The mission of Michigan Region Red Cross is providing honest care to people who are in need. The organization has a team of enthusiastic volunteers, employees and warm-hearted donors to serve million thousands of people all over the world. Michigan Region Red Cross wishes to share the happiness and relieve suffering in the world.

Five major service areas of the Red Cross include:

1/ Disaster Relief

The Red Cross coordinates well with many agencies and organizations to help people in disaster. It serves nearly 70,000 disasters in the United States per year. The organization attempts to stand by unlucky people in different situations, from single family with home fires to a big city with thousands of people suffering from hurricanes or earthquakes. All members of the Red Cross try their best to bring health services, foods and shelter to help victims of disaster get back.

Although each type of disaster is completely different, the Red Cross prepares important things to serve people in emergencies. For instance, this organization offers thousands of safe overnight shelter stays for families in disaster. Other necessary emergency supplies are distributed to people in days and weeks of the disaster. They include simple but essential equipments for daily use, such as toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, rakes, shovels, tarps, trash bags and more. These vital things not only become useful in personal needs, but also cleaning home tasks. People can receive these donations from distribution centers or emergency vehicles.

2/ Support America Military Families

Military services are built up to help soldiers, veterans and their families to overcome the signs of unexpected military. There is a great number of emergency communications appearing to help wounded veterans and warriors. Besides, about 150,000 military families and veterans per year have chance to get community support from the Red Cross.

The Red Cross reassures military families that they always come with available help, including services at home and overseas location. It has enthusiastic experts to teach military families about basic skills to reintegrate at home, work and society. Moreover, enjoy hundreds of military hospitals and clinic and VA programs with high comfort and morale targets. For veterans, they can get special services such as assistance of Veteran appeals. The organization has available emergency services to respond to all verified messages. It supports people to access financial resources and assistance.

3/ Donate Blood

The Michigan Region Red Cross is the largest single provider of blood in America nowadays. Some statistics below will make you surprised. There are about 4 million of people donating blood to the Red Cross annually. It contributes to offer 40% of the blood supply of America.

The blood donors of Red Cross come from different careers, including office workers, executives, students, factory workers, parents or grandparents. Although people are different in many fields, they share the generous spirit. In the modern health care, blood donors play an extremely important role, especially in lifesaving medical treatments. You could be rest assured that the blood donors from Red Cross are tested to be safe without infectious diseases such as HIV, West Nile virus, Chagas disease and hepatitis B.

4/ Services of Health and Safety

The Red Cross is considered as one of the leading organizations in health and safety area. It provides numerous health and safety courses, including First Aid, Lifeguard training and CPR. More than 9 million Americans have chance to get involved in Red Cross programs. These programs cover a large area of different fields, such as educators, responders, babysitters, etc…

It is evidence that the organization has more than a century providing skills, lessons and information to act readily in emergencies everywhere. Many jobs need the immediate solutions to deal with health problems such as responders, health providers, and lifeguards. Other careers that don’t require daily health emergencies are swimming and water safety courses and care giving and babysitting.

5/ International Services

Each year, the Red Cross accesses 100 million people globally. It is the biggest humanitarian network to help people deal with challenges from disasters. 13 million volunteers in 187 countries work together to set safer communities and show the rules of war. Furthermore, the organization includes strategies to help children prevent measles, introduces international humanitarian law and reconnects separated families by war or disaster.